Smuggler’s Bounty May 2017

This month was the 40th Anniversary.

We received…


Love the pin of Chewbacca, I’m already planning on using it on of my bags. The patch, I still have yet to do something with the others. I’ll come up with something. The sweat bands will come in handy when it gets colder.

We also have Han Solo and Greedo Salt/Pepper shakers. Don’t have a need for them right now, but I can’t wait to see them.

Last, but not least. We have the Funko, which is Luke Skywalker and Speeder. Love it! I already found a home for it.

If you are interested in the box. Click here.


Barnes and Noble Haul

So I ordered something from Barnes and Noble. It wasn’t a book. Amazing, right? Well, Funko came out with the Star Wars Rebel characters. So, since Kanan is my favorite character on the show. I had to get him. Here is a view of the front, side, and back.




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