Memorial Day

 Let’s not forget what today is for. 



Time Travel. Yes, please? 

If you ever had the chance. Would you turn back time? Would you change something in your life? What about altering the past? Would you be okay with the consequences? Those questions have been invading my mind lately. Once a day or every few days depending on what’s going on. I am always thinking…what if.                         

What if I could go back in time and change something. What do I change? If we had the ability to change our past. Would it change our future or would it somehow not change the future? Yes, I have thought about that. I always feel like I have that kind of luck. No matter what I do, I feel like I would still be walking the path I am now.

When would I go back in time? I can never decide. If it’s something that maybe happened five years ago. I could go back maybe five years and a month. But, there is a chance I might need to go back further. Every turn we make. Every decision we make? That’s a road we walk down. Imagine, as you have to decide what to do. There is a road sign. One leads to an uncertain future. The other? Same thing, an uncertain future. No one knows what tomorrow brings. You might think. I’ll go down this path. I know I’ll be safer going this way. But, maybe you shouldn’t have done that. Maybe, you should have gone down the path with the dark woods. Why, must we choose the side that has rainbows in the sky? I’ve learned that you can never trust the side that always looks good. Looks can be deceiving after all.                                                                                  

I always wonder though. Because of that one decision. Did that decision make every decision after that go further down the rabbit hole? If I had gone down the other path, is that a safe path? Maybe when it’s time for another decision. I pick the wrong one. That could lead to a rabbit hole.

I hate when my mind wonders like that. It’s sucks being an analyzer sometimes. I always prepare for the worse. I can never think of the positive. Well, no I’ll take that back. When I hit a crossroad. I think, this is it. I’ve got this. But in the past seven years it seems when I do think that, it all goes downhill. Maybe it’s just my thirties? I never remember being this bad in my twenties. Is this a part of growing up? Will I relax more in my forties?

There are reasons, I know I shouldn’t change my past or future. Maybe it was God, putting me on this path. Maybe if I changed my past and future, I would lose friendships or opportunities. Opportunities that might not have happened if I changed my future. I might not have a huge social circle in my life right now, but would I still have that social circle if I changed my path?

So, unless any of you know how to time travel, I guess I need to look to the future and change the path I’m in. I can’t go in reverse, but I can take the crosswalk and cross the street. Once I cross the street. I’ll just have to keep analyzing, but I can still change my future. It’s never too late. Even when I’m eighty I can……I hope.

Why Can’t I Live in a Jane Austen Novel? 

Is there ever going to be a day where I’ll want to stop living in a fictional world? There are many worlds I would love to live in. Who wouldn’t want to live in Narnia or attend Hogwarts? 

If there is a world I would love to live in, it would be a Jane Austen novel. I would love it if I could find my own Mr. Darcy. Why him? I ask myself that question many times. Why go for the jerk? Well, he was a jerk at the beginning. His pride taking over. But, who doesn’t have pride? Everyone is guilty of it at some point. If it’s not Darcy, it’s Captain Wentworth. Reunited love, another favorite of mine. 

I always love when people remind me that women were not equals or the fact there were germs everywhere. Yes, I do think about that. I would miss my shower, baths, you name it. But, if I was born in that time I’m sure I would be fine. Right? Hopefully. 

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. At least I hope so. But escaping the real world for the fictional world is a great way to escape expectations one faces. Not caring what people might think. I can be who I want to be. Maybe I want to see things through the main character or maybe just be a character on the side lines. 

Now I’m thinking I should escape the real world tonight before the work week. Maybe escape into the world of War and Peace.

One Simple Rule

Shouldn’t there be a rule that couples or even married couples need to follow? Especially, when it has to do with single people? I’m happy for them. Glad they found someone, but to talk about relationships among your single friends? That is a big no-no.

Single people don’t always want to hear about how relationships work. What do they have to bring to the conversation? Sure, they could talk about a past relationship. But, there is a chance the relationship is meant to be forgotten.  A closed chapter. 

Here’s a tip. If you are with a group of people. There will be times, single people are among you. Wait until you are away from them. If you have a single friend trying to change the subject? Change the subject. Don’t make it so your single friend tries to change the subject at least five times. 

Otherwise, something might be thrown at you. Not that I almost did it the other day. But, it was tempting.

Tuesday 11/29/2016

nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_winnerHey everyone! How is everyone today? November is almost over and I completed NaNoWriMo. I’m feeling proud of myself. It was stressful, but a good experience. It was definitely good practice for future deadlines. Now, I just have to figure out how to put editing into that. Shouldn’t be too hard…I hope. I’m one of those who edit as they go along. Maybe I could save editing for one day a week. That way I can focus on writing. Any writers out there have any great tips for that?

I’m looking at going back to my story, maybe in a couple months? I need to focus on the sequel for Forbidden Love first.

Nothing else to talk about. December is a day away. I’ll soon be thirty-seven. Hoping thirty-seven will be my year.

Ooh, I’m going to be working on a Christmas story that I hope to post on Saturdays. The conclusion will be on Christmas Eve.

Did you participate in NaNoWriMo? How did it go? Looking forward to 2017?

Until next time.

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Facebook Withdrawal..Not Me….Yet

So it’s been a few days and I’m feeling pretty good. Why you ask? Well, there is a couple reasons, but that’s a whole different post. That, of which I dare not post. One thing I am proud of right now, is not going on Facebook for long periods of time. Facebook is a struggle for me. I get suckered in no matter what.

On Monday, I started my less time of Facebook. I thought I would try. I pretty much stop doing  Twitter a lot. Why not Facebook? I still of course go on Twitter here and there, but not enough to where it takes up too much of my time. I decided I would give myself ten minutes of Facebook and that would be all. I did it. No problem. Although I had to go on a few times when Facebook notified me of notifications. So, I decided I would remove Facebook from my phone. That way I have no way of knowing if someone posted or commented.

Yesterday, wasn’t bad. I hardly went on. Maybe went on three times to see if there were notifications, but there wasn’t that many. It took me a few minutes to check and I was off.

Today, same thing. I maybe went on five times already? But, that was because I commented on a post on a Facebook group I manage. I was even able to ignore my timeline. So bonus for me there. I will probably go on again later tonight, but I’ll go on for ten minutes. Fifteen the most, I hope.

If you are ever on Facebook and want to like my page. Same with Twitter. Click the links below. Let’s hope I can do this. Fingers crossed.

Robyn Eleanor’s Facebook Page

Robyn Eleanor’s Twitter Page


So this is it. I’m starting over. I use to be at Blogger, but I thought I would try something new. This is just a short post to say hi. So hi! Where do I start? My name is Robyn and I’m a thirty-something year old woman trying to figure out life. It’s not easy. What would you like to know about me? Let’s see. I grew up in northeast Ohio almost my whole life. I did live in Illinois for six months when I was a baby. My family moved to Pennsylvania and we lived there until 1987. We came to Ohio when I was in the first grade. When it came to college I stayed in Ohio. For a couple years, I attended Kent State University. Only to go to University of Akron for a couple years after that. I graduated from Akron in winter of 2002 and will have always a place in my heart for Akron. Don’t get me wrong, Kent State was great. But, as you get to know me. I’m sure you’ll discover why I preferred Akron over Kent.

If there is one thing you will definitely discover about me is I love to write. I might not be the best writer out there, but I love to see what adventures my writing will take me on. I’ve always wanted to write. I still remember in six grade, a classmate wrote my prediction and said I would become an author. The years went by and I did put my writing aside. In my twenties, I realized I missed writing. I missed the pen and paper.

There have been some up and downs, but now as I approach my late thirties. There I said it. I’m still thirty-six, but by the end of the year I’ll be closer to my late thirties. It’s always been a hard thing for me to admit. Until December, I will do all in my power to say I’m in my mid-thirties. Anyways, I have discovered I now know what I want to do. I know where I want to be in my life.

If it goes the way I hope it does? Forties will be my decade. The twenties were fun. Many things, events, and people I will never forget. Thirties, I will admit. Have not been easy. It’s been a struggle as I find myself. Is it weird that I’m still finding myself? I hope you can join me in this journey as I discover on who I am and where I belong.

In this blog, I hope to entertain you with my life stories, book reviews, movie reviews. You name it. Not only do I hope you can get to know me, but I would love to get to know you. Always feel free to comment. There will be topics I’m sure I would love to talk about, but I find thanks to Facebook. I avoid those topics. Facebook can be a great site. You have your friends and family. But, you always get to know who your friends truly are. That can be a good thing and a bad thing.

I don’t want shy around topics, but at the same time as you get to know me. You might discover one of my weaknesses. I hate confrontation. I try to see the good in people. Try to look at the positive things in life. I hate when I get depressed or angry. You could ask those who are close to me. I can’t get angry. I would cry first before I got angry.

Well, that’s enough about me for now. I don’t have a set schedule yet of when I will post. It might just be a when I feel like posting. If anything, I promise to post at least three times a week. Even if it’s just a random post.