Smuggler’s Bounty May 2017

This month was the 40th Anniversary.

We received…


Love the pin of Chewbacca, I’m already planning on using it on of my bags. The patch, I still have yet to do something with the others. I’ll come up with something. The sweat bands will come in handy when it gets colder.

We also have Han Solo and Greedo Salt/Pepper shakers. Don’t have a need for them right now, but I can’t wait to see them.

Last, but not least. We have the Funko, which is Luke Skywalker and Speeder. Love it! I already found a home for it.

If you are interested in the box. Click here.

Hot Topic Haul

Thanks to hot cash, I might have gone crazy. I had three coupons to use. So I might have two more Hot Topic haul posts coming your way.

First up, I’ve been wanting a Princess Leia T-Shirt to add to my collection.  There were many to choose from. Decided on this one.

In this package I ordered another pen. I love pens. What can I say? There was a storm trooper, but as you see, I decided on Kyle Ren. 

The Last Jedi

So I might have fangirled a little when I saw the trailer. star-wars-the-last-jedi-poster It was bad enough I couldn’t watch it because I was at work. I’m not ashamed. I told a co-worker, I was super excited. As I was walking out of work today, my mind was focused on The Last Jedi. A co-worker and I watched it in the parking lot. I may or may not have already watched it a couple times. I’ll be analyzing it soon, I’m sure.  Well, in case you haven’t seen it. Or, just want to discuss it.  Here is the trailer.


The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi

So the title for Star Wars Episode Eight came out. It’s The Last Jedi.

Thoughts and more thoughts are running through my head. Does it refer to Luke Skywalker? Rey? Maybe a group of Jedi?

Could there be a new name for the Jedi?

What do you guys think? Right now, I have no idea what to think. It could mean so much. Maybe, even so little.

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Rogue One: Trailer 2

Rogue One: Trailer 2

rogueone_onesheetaIt’s been a couple days and many of us I’m sure, have watched Rogue One’s trailer a few times. Maybe even more. No? Just me? I keep thinking maybe if I watch it again, I’ll catch something in the trailer that I missed. Sometimes you have to look for the Easter Eggs. Thanks though to other sites,  I have found what I’ve been looking for. Yet, so many thoughts and questions still linger. Why can’t it be December?

Although, why am I wishing my life away? The movie comes out two days before my birthday. Do I really want to wish my thirty-seventh birthday to be here? I do keep saying though that the forties will be my decade. Thirties have kind of sucked. That’s a whole different post for another day. Maybe look for that one in December. In the meantime, here is the trailer for Rogue One. I’m sure you have seen it already. But, why not watch it again? Analyze it with me.