Smuggler’s Bounty May 2017

This month was the 40th Anniversary.

We received…


Love the pin of Chewbacca, I’m already planning on using it on of my bags. The patch, I still have yet to do something with the others. I’ll come up with something. The sweat bands will come in handy when it gets colder.

We also have Han Solo and Greedo Salt/Pepper shakers. Don’t have a need for them right now, but I can’t wait to see them.

Last, but not least. We have the Funko, which is Luke Skywalker and Speeder. Love it! I already found a home for it.

If you are interested in the box. Click here.

Stress, Stress, Stress

Why does stress keep coming back into my life? Just when I think it’s gone or I even have it under control. It comes right back. I know the reason stress is attacking. Unfortunately, right now I would rather not mention why. I can see it now. In the comments. Why mention it if you don’t want to tell us what it is? I’ve seen that enough on Facebook. People get even mean about it. I understand why some people do it. They just need prayers or maybe they just want to know everything is going to be fine. I respect that. So, I hope you understand why I’m not saying the reason why stress has become a big issue in my life. We’ll just say it’s been something that has been in my life for some time. Unless things change, the stress is not going anywhere. I am working on changes, but it will take awhile. I do have a goal that I would like to see accomplished by the age of forty. I know, I know. That’s not far away. We can talk about the forties another time. Trust me, I could do a whole blog on that. Oooh, a blog post for later this week? Anyways, back to stress.

I do find ways to make the stress go away. But, some days? I get to the point where stress takes over and the rest of my day falls apart. Yesterday, might not have been the best day for me. But really, when are Mondays the best for anyone?  But, I managed to make it somewhat better. I managed to go for a walk. Which helped a lot. Even if it’s walking through the neighborhood. I find it relaxing. Another positive thing about walking is that it’s also good for the body. It’s healthy. So I get two positives out of walking. I’m sure there is more. For now, I’m happy with the two positives.

When I got home from my walk, I saw my dad working on my TV. Most likely talking with someone on the phone. Yea for me, the TV is under a four-year warranty. It should hit three years in December. My dad, the engineer was looking into it for me. At least, he got the TV back on. Unfortunately, there is still a black darkness in the middle. Again, back to stress. Normally if I’m stressed out? Something like a broken TV will stress me even more. I hate when things are broken and I can’t get it fixed. It’s really amazing my blood pressure is never super high. How do I do that? I have no clue. Stress affects my body in other ways.

After my walk and dinner, I pretty much spend the rest of my night watching my watchlist on Youtube. I do love watching those videos. After all, I do subscribe to them for a reason. I just wish I had maybe had gotten some writing in or did some reading. I’m so behind in my reading. It’s crazy. My to-read list is growing while my read pile is not growing.

It’s going to be a slow process to show stress that I’m the boss. But, I’m going to have faith I can do it. The goal I have when I turn forty? Even if I’m not there at 10:20 am on December 18, 2019. If I know I’m getting there and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I will be a happy camper. I know my life is going in the right direction.

Hot Topic Haul

Thanks to hot cash, I might have gone crazy. I had three coupons to use. So I might have two more Hot Topic haul posts coming your way.

First up, I’ve been wanting a Princess Leia T-Shirt to add to my collection.  There were many to choose from. Decided on this one.

In this package I ordered another pen. I love pens. What can I say? There was a storm trooper, but as you see, I decided on Kyle Ren. 

Time Travel. Yes, please? 

If you ever had the chance. Would you turn back time? Would you change something in your life? What about altering the past? Would you be okay with the consequences? Those questions have been invading my mind lately. Once a day or every few days depending on what’s going on. I am always thinking…what if.                         

What if I could go back in time and change something. What do I change? If we had the ability to change our past. Would it change our future or would it somehow not change the future? Yes, I have thought about that. I always feel like I have that kind of luck. No matter what I do, I feel like I would still be walking the path I am now.

When would I go back in time? I can never decide. If it’s something that maybe happened five years ago. I could go back maybe five years and a month. But, there is a chance I might need to go back further. Every turn we make. Every decision we make? That’s a road we walk down. Imagine, as you have to decide what to do. There is a road sign. One leads to an uncertain future. The other? Same thing, an uncertain future. No one knows what tomorrow brings. You might think. I’ll go down this path. I know I’ll be safer going this way. But, maybe you shouldn’t have done that. Maybe, you should have gone down the path with the dark woods. Why, must we choose the side that has rainbows in the sky? I’ve learned that you can never trust the side that always looks good. Looks can be deceiving after all.                                                                                  

I always wonder though. Because of that one decision. Did that decision make every decision after that go further down the rabbit hole? If I had gone down the other path, is that a safe path? Maybe when it’s time for another decision. I pick the wrong one. That could lead to a rabbit hole.

I hate when my mind wonders like that. It’s sucks being an analyzer sometimes. I always prepare for the worse. I can never think of the positive. Well, no I’ll take that back. When I hit a crossroad. I think, this is it. I’ve got this. But in the past seven years it seems when I do think that, it all goes downhill. Maybe it’s just my thirties? I never remember being this bad in my twenties. Is this a part of growing up? Will I relax more in my forties?

There are reasons, I know I shouldn’t change my past or future. Maybe it was God, putting me on this path. Maybe if I changed my past and future, I would lose friendships or opportunities. Opportunities that might not have happened if I changed my future. I might not have a huge social circle in my life right now, but would I still have that social circle if I changed my path?

So, unless any of you know how to time travel, I guess I need to look to the future and change the path I’m in. I can’t go in reverse, but I can take the crosswalk and cross the street. Once I cross the street. I’ll just have to keep analyzing, but I can still change my future. It’s never too late. Even when I’m eighty I can……I hope.

The Last Jedi

So I might have fangirled a little when I saw the trailer. star-wars-the-last-jedi-poster It was bad enough I couldn’t watch it because I was at work. I’m not ashamed. I told a co-worker, I was super excited. As I was walking out of work today, my mind was focused on The Last Jedi. A co-worker and I watched it in the parking lot. I may or may not have already watched it a couple times. I’ll be analyzing it soon, I’m sure.  Well, in case you haven’t seen it. Or, just want to discuss it.  Here is the trailer.